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Laura Hamilton McKee - Owner

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About Dwell

Lost time is never found again.
​-Benjamin Franklin


Intensely motivated by a deep entrepreneurial spirit and an innate ability to plan every detail, I start each day with a single question to answer. What can I do today to utilize my talents and traits to make the lives of my clients easier?

Do you really want to worry about the water pipes freezing at your vacation home in Florida while you're miles away? On a Saturday morning in summer, do you enjoy fretting about whether or not your rental property is thoroughly clean for your next guests? If you're selling your house, do you want the hassle of cleaning and staging it properly to potentially decrease days on market? The truth is that you needn't worry about any of those, nor the litany of stressful scenarios that I didn't mention.

I'm a worrier by nature. I don't particularly like stress, but I seem to thrive because of it. I have more than enough capacity to worry for all of us. I plan ahead. I have contingencies if circumstances change or if problems arise (and sometimes they do).

You can make 10 phone calls to solve one problem, or you can make one phone call to me and solve 10 problems.